Create meaningful experiences through design and coding.

I help companies and professionals to promote themselves through visual language and online presence.

Hi there!

I'm Andrea, a UI designer and front-end developer with a background in graphic design.

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For clients.

I work with companies and professionals who want to communicate at their best through visual design and web design.

I take care of the whole process starting from the user needs analisys to a great online presence through the creation of visual identity, ui design and coding for the web.

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For insiders.

Looking for a front-end designer/developer to help your team? I'm available for hiring!

HTML, CSS and Javascritpt are my favorite tools (allies, I should say!) in combining visual design, motion design, functionality and user engagement.

I believe in mastering these three tools as the strongest foundation in front-end development. That being said, I regularly use Sass to speed up CSS compiling process and have experience with JS based frameworks like Angular.

I’m not a full-stack dev, but I know how to deal with the back-end part of development and I am mostly familiar with PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL.

Case studies.

  • SIIT group

    • Logo
    • Visual identity
    • Web design
  • QualiMedLab

    • Logo
    • Packaging
    • Print design
    • Visual identity
    • Web design
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Find out how I can help you and feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to hear from you about your next project!

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