As a teenager I started to get passionate about creating websites. I still jealously keep my first HTML manual today!

When the passion for graphic design came in, my personal journey between creative and linear thinking began.

I worked as a freelance after my Master degree in Humanistic Computer Science - with a specialization in graphic design, web design and e-publishing.

In the last 15 years I had the opportunity to work with different companies in various fields. It's been a great way to increase my skills and expand my horizons of knowledge.

I believe in creativity as an attitude in finding unconventional solutions to a problem. And applying this concept to web design is what I’m passionate about. The place where the creative side meets the technical stuff.

What I do

You can find me on

Web design

I design functional web apps from the interface design to the translation into code.

User Experience

When designing for the web, everything starts with studying the users needs.
My goal is helping you to provide a great experience for you users and make your online business grow.

User Interface

Spend a lot of passionate time crafting user interface designs in a coherent, simple way and in line with your vision and your philosophy.


HTML, CSS and Javascritpt are the best tools to deliver beautiful visual design, motion designs, functionality and engagement. I put them together to create meaningful digital experiences on the web.

Graphic design

Whatever your business it is essential to have an excellent story to tell.

My job as a designer is to help you build your visual identity to better communicate your message and achieve concrete results.

Visual Identity

Your brand is the set of emotions, sensations, feelings your name arouse in people. It is the character of your company, its tone of voice.
If your brand is the soul of your business, visual identity is how you show that soul to the world.

Digital & Print

I can help you designing your logo, digital and print products to be used in different contexts: web and mobile applications, e-books, social, ads, letterhead, business cards, posters, packaging.

Let's work together!

Feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to hear from you about your next project!

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