iTrain, e-learning in imaging

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  • Visual identity
  • Web design

iTrain is a remote learning and training platform for diagnostic imaging professionals.

I designed the graphic identity starting from the creation of the logo to the creation of informative printed products and the website user interface.


I used a universal symbol to represent the concept of imaging and put it in relation to the type of examination and the type of technology. A form that symbolizes the observation of an image.

The second concept is related to the evaluation provided by the experts. The shape resembles a pie chart representative of the statistical processing underlying this evaluation of training programs students.

iTrain Logo concept iTrain Logo grid


The logotype is a customization of Arcon, a contemporary and geometric sans serif font, in its regular variant.

The T shape has been adapted to the composition of the logo as well as the space between the individual characters.

iTrain Typography


The color palette is made up of saturated shades inspired by colors used in the representation of statistical data in the form of charts. The colors are distinct and linked to different categories of data.

iTrain Final Logo

Website design & development

The web platform interface is designed to be responsive. Interactions and animations are implemented using HTML, CSS3 and vanilla Javascript.

iTrain Website UI iTrain Mobile UI

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