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QuliMedLab Intro Image

QualiMedLab provides products and services for quality control in laboratory medicine.

The company provides both the control material and the measurements evaluation software to medical laboratories that perform blood exams.

The goal of this project is to create brand and visual identity to communicate the completeness of the service in a simple and effective way.

The authority and reliability of a company based upon thirty years of research in the field of laboratory medicine are the key values on which I worked in designing the graphic identity.

QuliMedLab Business Card


Logo concept process 1

QualiMedLab offers 360-degree solutions for quality control in laboratory medicine. In the logo this concept will be combined with the shape of the letter Q.

Logo concept process 2

Two essential parts: the control material supplied to the laboratories and the performance evaluation software.

Logo concept final

Two semicircles that almost come together make up the monogram with a double meaning. The C + Q characters of “Quality Control” represent the reference field and the service. On the other hand, due to the Gestalt principle of completing the forms, the two elements are also perceived as a “Q” representing the quality and attention paid to providing the service itself.

QuliMedLab Letterhead


For the logotype, I chose a sans serif font with modern and slightly square shapes.

The large x-height enhance the readability and legibility even at small sizes.

Carattere tipografico logo QualiMedLab QualiMedLab Logo Grid


The color palette consists of shades of blue. Often used in both medical and technological fields, these tones convey an idea of ​​stability, speed and confidence.

QualiMedLab - Colors QualiMedLab - Logo variations

The logo is designed to work in many contexts, from information and promotional layouts to the packaging of control samples. In its horizontal variant it finds space on letterhead and website.

QualiMedLab Brochure QualiMedLab Packaging

Web app frontend design/development

The web application allows the users to enter the measured values ​​and consult all the statistics and evaluation reports of their analytical performance. I built the user interface in HTML CSS and pure Javascript + JQuery.


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