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Made up of different professionals, the SIIT group (Information Systems and Telematic Infrastructure) provides various services inside and outside the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the National Research Council in Pisa.

The group provides a wide range of software and hardware related services: e-mail management to DNS, server management, domain registration, help desk, network infrastructure, web development and biometric data collection.


The typeface reflects this multitude of services. Designed in the early 90s for Adobe, Myriad Pro provides many variations that all maintain a high readability at different sizes.

SIIT Typeface

I proposed to combine black and italic to represent respectively the solidity and the dynamism of the working team.

SIIT Logotype


I aimed to abstract the multiplicity of services into a simple, meaningful and representative symbol. At the same time, the goal is to communicate the spirit of cohesion and the group’s philosophy.

Next to the typographic part, the pictogram represents this complexity in a simple form.

The medical field, software, hardware and the combination of different skilled people efficiently working together, but also the acronym of the group itself, are condensed in the final forms.

SIIT concept


The primary colors are shades of green and blue, psychologically linked to the idea of ​​technology, reliability, productivity and often used in health care activities.

SIIT Logo colors SIIT Logo variations

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